Selected product, from Corsican mob drama, an animated ‘Prince’ to timely Qaddafi docu and cutting-edge unscripted fare will be available for buyers.


“Blood of the Vine”
(8 x 90. France 3. Murder mystery)
Prod: Telecip
Sales: NeweN
Logline: Elegant thriller in French vineyard setting.

“The Blue House”
(90. TV Movie. Arte. Documentary)
Prod/Sales: Compagnie des Phares & Balises
Logline: International project about Frida Kahlo.

“Chaplin & Co.”
(104 x 6. France 3. CGI 3D Animation)
Prod: Method Animation/MK2 TV
Sales: PGS Entertainment
Logline: First animated series featuring Charlie Chaplin.

“Qaddafi: Our Best Enemy”
(95. France TV. Documentary)
Prod/Sales: Illegitime Defense
Logline: One of the projects to be analyzed in Rendez-Vous’ panel on investigative docus.

“Jeanne Devere”
(90. TV Movie. France 3. WWII thriller)
Prod/Sales: Compagnie des Phares & Balises
Logline: Pic about free-thinking female Resistance activist, directed by Marcel Bluwal.

The Little Prince: A New Journey Begins”
(52 x 26. CGI Animation)
Prod: Method Animation
Sales: PGS Entertainment
Logline: Planet-hopping adventure series, inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s classic children’s tale.

“Mystery at the Moulin Rouge”
(90. TV Movie. France 2. Crime thriller)
Prod: Marathon Images
Sales: Zodiak Rights
Logline: 1892 murder-mystery in famous music hall. One of the top-rated French fiction shows in 2011.

“The Odyssey”
(12 x 52. Arte France. Historical drama)
Prod: Making Prod/GMT
Sales: 100% Distribution
Logline: High-end departure for Arte, a Homer adaptation. Penned by Frederic Azema (“Un Village Francais”).

(8 x 52. France 2/Arte. Historical romance)
Prod: Son et Lumiere
>Sales: NeweN
Budget: $20 million/season
Logline: 18th-century swashbuckling romance set in France and India. Stars Mylene Jampanoi (“Hereafter”).

“Tara Duncan: The Evil Empress”
(26 x 26. M6/Disney. Animation)
Sales: Moonscoop
Logline: Magic fantasy series for children ages 8-14.

“Teen Mom”
(4 x 96. TF1. Youth comedy)
Prod: Merlin/AT
Sales: TF1 Droits Audiovisuels
Logline: Challenges of teenage motherhood, with Victoria Abril (“Kika”) as gran. Web phenomenon in France.

“Tony’s Revenge”
(8 x 52. France TV. Crime drama)
Prod: Lincoln TV
Sales: AB International Distribution
Logline: Innovative cross-generation gangster series, written by Virginie Brac (“Spiral”).

“Usain Bolt”
(2 x 52. Documentary)
Prod: Elephant Doc.
Sales: Zodiak Rights
Logline: Two-part docu about fastest man on Earth, pre-2012 Olympics.

“Quiz Time”
(52 x 4. Edutainment animated game show)
Prod: Ellipsamin/Redfrog
Sales: Mediatoon
Logline: French/English animated game show, with rights for Europe, Middle East/Africa sold to Disney.


(2nd season. 8 x 52. Canal Plus. Crime drama)
Prod: Capa Drama
Sales: Zodiak Rights
Logline: Smash French TV hit, starring Jean Hughes Anglade (“Nikita,” “Rani”).

“Forensics Experts”
(2nd season. 6 x 52. France 2. Crime drama)
Prod: Making Prod/Septembre
Sales: 100% Distribution
Logline: Vintage “CSI”-style team operating in 1920s Paris.

“Little Nick”
(2nd season. 52 x 13. M6. 3D CGI Animation)
Prod: M6 Studio/Method Animation
Sales: SND Groupe M6
Budget: $10.3 million/season
Logline: Based on iconic comic strip, by “Asterix” co-author Rene Goscinny.

(4th season. 8 x 52. Canal Plus. Crime drama)
Prod: Image & Co.
Sales: AB International Distribution
Logline: Tribulations of female Corsican mobster.

(4th season, 8 x 52. Canal Plus. Crime drama)
Prod: Son et Lumiere.
Sales: NeweN
Logline: Long-running crime series with major success abroad.

“Un Village Francais”
(4th season. 8 x 52. France 3. WWII thriller)
Prod: Tetra Media Studio
Sales: 100% Distribution
Logline: Life in a small French town during the German occupation.

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