MasterImage 3D, Inc., a pioneer in developing mobile 3D technologies, said Tuesday it has received a $15 million investment from Samsung Ventures.

Ilseok Yoon, managing director of Samsung Ventures America, cited the speed at which MasterImage brought auto-stereoscopic 3D mobile displays to the marketplace and the need to work with market leaders as drivers in their investment. Yoon said MasterImage had also shown both business and technical savvy in their approach to 3D technologies.

The 3D company created, patented and produced the cell-matrix parallax barrier, a leading technology for auto-stereoscopic mobile display. The company also enabled one of the first glasses-free 3D mobile phones. Currently, they’re also developing more smartphones and tablets equipped with MasterImage 3D displays for 2011.

According to Younghoon Lee, Chairman and CEO of MasterImage, which has its 3D cinema systems installed in 57 countries, the company is focused on continuing to create 3D technologies for theatres, smartphones, tablets, larger auto-stereoscopic displays and just about anything else with a screen.