Samsung demos big-screen glasses-free 3D TV

Glasses free 3D is still a fair ways from making it to the living room, but Samsung is starting to test the waters. 3d-no-glasses

The electronics giant is showing off a 55-inch prototype this week of a set that doesn’t require any sort of dorky headgear. Before you get out your credit cards, the company says it will be at least three years before something like this will hit the market.

The prototype is being shown at the FPD China trade show. And Tech-On! reports the set has nine viewing points, and a function to switch between 2D and 3D. The system’s being shown using a custom LCD lighting scheme, but the company says it would likely replace it with an LED backlight at retail.

Glasses are often pointed to as a stumbling block for the acceptance of 3D. They were, in fact, the second biggest reason people gave in a Nielsen study last year.) Cost was number one, though. And whenever glasses-free 3D sets start to roll out, don’t expect ’em to be cheap.