Rovi tech ups quality for digital

New technology aimed at making digital delivery on par with DVD

Rovi Corp. has unveiled new technology aimed at making digital delivery of movies a smoother experience on par with DVD.

DivX Streaming Plus is intended to eliminate buffering and other mishaps that have made streaming films and TV shows to connected devices a viewing experience inferior to that of physical discs. The new software will also allow for incorporating menu-style additional content to streaming video, which has not been available on new platforms though it’s been standard on DVD for years.

With licensing deals in place with most major studios and a footprint reaching more than 500 million devices worldwide, Rovi is both a standalone video distributor through its Rovi Entertainment Store and a white-label provider with clients ranging from Blockbuster to Sears.

“Designed for easy, lightweight implementation, DivX Plus Streaming is designed to help make it possible to bring a more advanced streaming experience to over-the-top services,” said Corey Ferengul, exec VP of products at Rovi.