Report: Dish Network targeting Netflix

Looks like Dish Network could be looking to tackle Netflix on its own turf – and it’s bringing a surprise player to the game. Blockbuster

Bloomberg reports the satellite service plans to offer a standalone subscription streaming service that will capitalize on the Blockbuster brand. And, to rub salt in Netflix’s wounds: It might include titles from Starz.

The service could launch as early as next month, according to Bloomberg. Pricing has yet to be set, though it could be offered in conjuction with Blockbuster’s DVD by mail and in-store rentals. That would likely be meant to capitalize on Netflix’s recent price hike and separation of those services.

Starz, of course, said it had halted negotiations about renewing the online streaming deal with Netflix yesterday. Some analysts, including Wedbush Securities’ Michael Pachter, believe that was a negotiating ploy, meant to coincide with the price hike that went into effect yesterday and feel the two companies will reach a compromise before the current deal expires in February.

If they don’t, however, and if the Bloomberg report is correct, it could propel Blockbuster into a much more viable competitor in the space.