PBS hackers threaten to target Sony

Just days after hacking the PBS servers, the hacker group that calls itself LulzSec says its is turning its attentions to Sony. Hacker

The group, which also claims responsibility for an attack on Sony’s BMG Website in Japan over a week ago, said via Twitter that it was “working on another Sony operation” – adding “this is the beginning of the end for Sony.”

LulzSec caught the public eye with its attack on PBS, going so far as to insert a false news story on the NewsHour website that rapper Tupac Shakur was still alive and living in New Zealand.

The group says it has never hacked Sony’s gaming servers, choosing instead to focus on the company’s music services.

Sony has been the target of several hacks since the theft of personal information from over 100 million PlayStation Network and Sony Online Entertainment user accounts in April. Earlier this month CNET reported a group of hackers was planning another wave of attacks against the company.

Those failed to materialize as threatened, though – something that’s significant. Sophisticated hackers, like the ones who performed the first attack on Sony, rarely announce their plans in this fashion. LulzSec, via its boasts, may simply be hoping to achieve a little more notoriety in the hacker community – and may have no plans to attack at all.

Given the group’s successful (and repeated) attack on PBS this weekend, though, it’s a threat that bears watching.