Panache unveils ‘Smog’ in Lyon

Company to present fantasy toon at Cartoon Movie

PARIS — Panache Animation’s producer duo Guillaume Noblet and Fred Remuzat are developing their first feature, “Smog,” an English-language fantasy suspenser 3D toon.

Set in 1888, the pic follows a feisty femme detective and her bodyguard, a gorilla, amid the madness of the industrialized megalopolis of London, which is immersed in smog and devoid of any vegetation.

The duo try to track down a coveted invention capable of generating energy. Various clans, including the undead, the aristocrats, the freaks and the mad inventors compete to hunt for this mysterious object.

Based on illustrator Christophe Madura’s concept and designs, the project has a high-bracket budget, which for French animation means north of Euros 10 million ($13.8 million).

Noblet and Madura will present the project at concept stage during Lyon’s Cartoon Movie Forum, which takes place March 3-5.

Noblet is presently seeking a screenwriter and director for the pic.

Madura has already created collectible miniatures based on the characters of “Smog” and is about to launch a “Smog” board game.

Noblet and Remuzat launched Panache in 2006 to develop animated series and feature films. The pair has been producing commercials for high-profile brands, notably Nestle and Kellogg’s, via Head Wood, a shingle co-founded with another outfit, Space Patrol.

Aiming at teens, young adults and fanboys, “Smog” fits into a growing trend toward animation content for older age groups. Noblet cites the works of Jules Vernes, H.P. Lovecraft and H.G. Wells as well as Mike Mignola as inspirations for the project.