David Lynch will direct Duran Duran’s live-streamed webcast of the renascent U.K. band’s sold-out March 23 show at L.A.’s Mayan Theater.

Perf will be the first 2011 event in Internet video outlet Vevo’s “Unstaged” series, which kicked off in 2010 with a webcast of Arcade Fire’s Madison Square Garden date directed by Terry Gilliam. Gig will be streamed in partnership with YouTube.

Online airing will come a day after release of Duran Duran’s Mark Ronson-produced 13th studio album, “All You Need Is Now,” out via S-Curve Records. Band’s lineup features the four original members, Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor.

“Mulholland Dr.” and “Blue Velvet” helmer Lynch said in a statement, “The idea is to try and create, on the fly, layers of images permeating Duran Duran on the stage. A world of experimentation and hopefully some happy accidents.”

Interactive webcast will allow home viewers to select alternative camera views of the concert and collaborate with Lynch by submitting photos for an onstage and online art installation. Lynch will also direct an exclusive segment of the pre-show programming.

“Unstaged” is presented by American Express in partnership with Vevo, the vid site created by Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and the Abu Dhabi Media Co.