LG touts “Smart Technology” at CES

LG’s theme at its morning press conference was Smart Technology.

Its web-connected “Smart TV” line will get an app store this year, a spiffed-up interface and premium content from Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, Amazon and others. For those who want that web capability without buying a new flatscreen, LG will offer a “Smart TV upgrader” set-top box, with its web apps and interface.

LG also touted its 3D tech. It’s offering a passive-glasses flatscreen, a mobile autostereo (glasses-free 3D) TV and a “3D sound” home cinema system, with two subwoofers to help place sounds in space.

On the smartphone front, the new Optimus 2X is touted as the world’s first dual-core phone and comes with an HDMI port. The Optimus Black, meanwhile, is claiming the title of world’s thinnest smartphone, a distinction previously held by the iPhone 4.

Much of the LG announcement was centered around connected appliances, which can be controlled from a tablet or PC. Many are incorporating “smart grid” technology to reduce electricity costs.

LG will announce its tablet computer tomorrow.