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While there’s no shortage of humans vying for supporting actor laurels this award season, let’s step back and recognize the canine performers in films campaigning for kudos, from the cute Labs in “Bridesmaids” to an animated pug in “Gnomeo and Juliet.”

Here are some pics with top dogs that deserve a treat in this year’s awards race:

‘The Adventures of Tintin’

Intrepid boy reporter Tintin would never crack a case without his sidekick Snowy, who uncovers clues and bad guys.

‘The Artist’

George Valentin’s best friend has no name in the B&W silent, but he sticks with the actor through thick and thin and even rescues him from fire.


Arthur is the constant companion for Oliver (Ewan McGregor) — and who doesn’t like a talking (subtitled) dog?


The Station Inspector’s able assistant is a Doberman Pinscher who takes over for his injured master.

‘Young Adult’

While Mavis is out creating havoc in her hometown, her Pomeranian is patiently waiting, locked in the hotel room.

And while it’s not a pooch, we would be remiss if we didn’t give a shout out to the goose in

‘War Horse,’ whose impeccable timing deserves an honorable mention.