The HBO Go app has been downloaded more than 1 million times in its first week of availability, the pay TV net disclosed Tuesday.

HBO co-prexy Eric Kessler noted the growth of the new service at New York’s Streaming Media East conference. He also divulged that HBO is looking to make HBO Go available on more connected devices.

“It is a great milestone to hit so quickly, but what is even more exciting is that we are seeing continued enthusiasm and activity each day,” Kessler said.

There’s no direct comparison to make, but stacked up against the few apps that distribute TV programming active to date, it’s an impressive number. ABC’s iPad app scored 141,000 downloads in its first week last July, but that was relatively early in the tablet’s life cycle.

On the MSO side, Time Warner Cable reported 360,000 downloads in the first month to its TWCable TV app, the controversial retransmission of more than 60 live channels. A similar app from Cablevision reported 60,000 downloads in its first five days.

App, available only to subscribers of HBO’s linear service, runs on both Apple’s iOs and Google’s Android operating systems. HBO offers 1,400 titles from its original series and licensed theatricals via HBO Go.