Google TV 2.0 en route?

Google TV hasn’t exactly taken the world by storm, but the search giant isn’t giving up on it. Google-tv

Google is expected to showcase a second generation of the device next month at its I/O developer conference. Whether the company has mended any fences with the networks, however, is less clear.

According to Business Insider, the new box will use a faster chipset and incorporate TV-focused Android apps. The user interface is also reportedly being revamped and improved.

Google TV has been a disappointment so far for both the company and consumers. Launched with plenty of fanfare last October, but networks and other content providers quickly blocked access from the device. With the biggest online content inaccessible, the appeal of the device plummeted – and TV manufacturers who were planning to include the functionality in their sets abandoned those plans.

An updated user interface will be welcome, but without the backing of the content community, Google TV will likely still struggle to find a place in the living room.