Get your resumes ready, Hollywood.

With Google announcing plans to hire more than 6,200 staffers worldwide this year, many of those jobs are expected to be based in Los Angeles — specifically in Venice, where the tech giant has already leased 100,000 square feet of space in three buildings that include a Frank Gehry-designed edifice whose iconic feature is a large binoculars-shaped sculpture created by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen.

But Google wasn’t searching just for a better view of the ocean. The company hopes to establish a stronger beachhead within the entertainment biz as it tries to build out YouTube’s online movie rental and sales service while looking to attract content providers to Google TV, which the major TV networks have opted not to support since its launch in October, calling it a competitor to cable TV.

Networks may have something to worry about considering the company is also planning to build a stronger TV advertising operation over the next five years that will target traditional TV ad dollars, according to Google head of global sales Nikesh Arora.

As Google expands onto smartphones and tablets via its Android software and Web-connected TVs, as well as its apps and Google TV, it’s counting on all forms of entertainment to play a larger role in driving the company’s bottom line.

Being closer to the hub for entertainment is expected to give Google’s headhunters a leg up in recruiting more execs from within Hollywood who will enable it to broker more lucrative programming and distrib deals.

Rival Yahoo had a similar strategy when it built up its Santa Monica offices and hired a slew of entertainment execs, including former ABC Television Group topper Lloyd Braun, making him its entertainment and media chief in 2004.

Google is eager to become a stronger rival to companies like Netflix and Facebook, which have been growing their online video-on-demand and advertising revenue at a rapid rate.

YouTube, based in San Bruno, Calif., has had offices in Santa Monica since 2003 and in Pasadena since 2004. Many of the more than 300 staffers in those facilities could make the move to the new Venice campus this year. Those offices currently focus on AdSense, which sells keywords to marketers, and photo management software Picasa.

The binoculars building previously housed the Chiat/Day ad agency.

But Google isn’t just hiring in L.A.; the company is expected to fill a large number of posts in the San Francisco Bay Area (where more than 2,000 of the jobs are expected to wind up), as well as the on East Coast and in the Midwest.

Google will hire more people in 2011 than in the Mountain View, Calif.-based company’s entire history, boosting its workforce by at least 25% to more than 30,000 employees, double the size of Yahoo. It hired 6,131 people in 2007.