LONDON — Starlight Runner CEO Jeff Gomez will present the keynote speech at London’s Cross-Media Forum on Oct. 11.

The four-day transmedia confab, which is organized by Power to the Pixel, will cover trends in audience behavior and new business models.

Other speakers include Canadian docu filmmaker Katerina Cizek, Company P founder Christopher Sandberg, Aardman digital creative director Dan Efergan, Arte France Cinema exec director Michel Reilhac plus Tero Kaukomaa, producer of Finnish project “Iron Sky.”

The confab is followed by the Pixel Market dedicated to the financing of international transmedia properties.

Twenty-five producer-led teams will meet with potential partners and financiers from across the media industries.

Selected projects include science drama “Cloud Chamber,” produced by Vibeke Windelov, the producer on several Lars von Trier films; “Fort McMoney,” from David Dufresne, writer of web docu “Prison Valley”; “Swandown,” a collaboration from artist/filmmaker Andrew Kotting and author Iain Sinclair; and “Unspeak,” produced by Submarine and directed by Tommy Pallotta, long-time collaborator of Richard Linklater, and Geert van de Wetering.

Nine of the teams go forward to the Pixel Pitch Competition on Oct. 12 to compete for the £6,000 ($9,465) prize, which is backed by French-German broadcaster Arte.

Power to the Pixel CEO Liz Rosenthal said, “The Pixel Market is the only dedicated cross-media market and showcase in the world where you can meet commissioners and financiers from the film, broadcast, games, mobile, interactive, publishing and online worlds who are committed to investing in cross-media properties.”

The Pixel Market is supported by the Media Program of the European Union. Additional support comes from the British Film Institute, Skillset Film Skills Fund, Arte, Telefilm Canada and TorinoFilmLab.