Seven of China’s video-streaming websites have partnered to offer pay-per-view pics via a joint website.

Letv.com, qq.com, joy.cn, xunlei.com, baofeng.com, pptv.com and pps.tv will share and stream legitimate films for standardized fees.

Jia Yuemin, VP of letv.com, which initiated the alliance, said it would help encourage netizens to watch authorized copies of films rather than pirated versions.

More and more Chinese are watching movies online.

While cinema audience figures are rising strongly, there are still too few cinemas. There were 6,200 screens at the end of last year, and only 260 of 526 Chinese films made it to those screens.

Jia said these films could run online, giving lesser-known producers an audience for their pics.

“Cherish Our Love Forever” will be the first online film shown on the alliance’s website, with the exclusive Internet copyright owned by letv.com.

In January, local website tudou.com put the blockbuster “Let the Bullets Fly” online as a test, charging 5 yuan (76¢) to see the film for 48 hours.