CES 2011: Coming soon, a portable second monitor

If you’re a power PC user, life without two screens can be a pretty miserable thing. It sounds ridiculous, I know, but once you’ve had a day or two with multiple screens, it’s hard to imagine ever working any other way. Monitor2Go

Then you go on the road – and you’re stuck with not only a single screen, but one that’s considerable smaller, to boot. Starting later this year, the life of dual monitor road warriors might get a little easier.

DisplayLink and Mobile Monitor Technologies have announced MMT’s “Monitor2Go,” a portable USB-based monitor that mobile users can plug into their machines wherever they go.

The 15.4 inch screen comes in a clamshell design, making it suited for travel and will retail for $279 when it goes on sale later this quarter. The device weights four pounds, is LED backlit and boasts resolutions up to 1280×800. It will work with both PCs and Macs.

Sure, it’s aimed at something of a niche market – but for power users on the road, it could make life a lot easier. We’re hoping to get our hands on one soon – and will give our impressions once we do.