CES 2011: Toshiba unveils 3D glasses-free laptop

The 3D holdouts that are using the mandatory ridiculous glasses as an excuse might want to start coming up with another reason. Toshiba-3d-venturebeat

Toshiba has taken the wraps off of a prototype laptop that offers stereoscopic 3D images without the need for any sort of headwear. The machine uses the same technology Toshiba is using to power similar 3D TVs in Japan and lets users play games and watch movies in 3D. There’s one slight difference here: Those TVs are 12 inches. This machine boasts a 15 inch screen.

It’s a big bragging right for Toshiba, which is the first company to demonstrate this sort of technology. The product does not yet have a launch date – and it’s worth noting that prototype devices at CES often never make it to market at all.

Toshiba’s not the only company ditching the glasses, of course. In late March, Nintendo will launch the 3DS, a handheld gaming system that also lets players see stereoscopic images without the need of any glasses. The slight hitch with both systems is users need to be in a narrow field of vision for the effects to be optimal. It’s still very much a solo experience.

(Photo courtesy of VentureBeat)