Call of Duty rolls out celebrities for Modern Warfare 3 launch

Activision turned heads last year with its eye-popping “There’s a Soldier in All of Us” campaign for “Call of Duty: Black Ops”. Now it’s upping the ante. MW3 commercial

Jonah Hill (“Superbad”) and Sam Worthington (“Avatar”) headline the campaign’s new installment – with a quick cameo from Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard. And it’s just as heart pounding as the original.

The first ad in the campaign mixed Kobe Bryant and Jimmy Kimmell with roughly a dozen “average” players, emphasizing that the series appealed to everyone from superstars to concierges to what appeared to be a mild -mannered librarian.

The common folk are gone this year, but the comedy levels are higher (as you might expect from Hill’s involvement).

The increased level of Hollywood talent demonstrates how big an entertainment property the “Call of Duty” franchise has become. The game is expected to set new records as the largest entertainment launch of all time. Pre-orders are at a record high – and Wall St. analyst Michael Pachter expects Modern Warfare 3 will generate $1.1 billion in revenue in its first six weeks.