Blockbuster-branded Netflix rival set to bow

Dish Network to announce at Friday presser

Dish Network is expected to announce its entry into the streaming-video market at a press conference the company has scheduled for Friday.

The satcaster has made noises in recent months about using Blockbuster, acquired early this year, to launch a subscription service that could challenge Netflix.

A spokesman for Dish declined to elaborate on what the company will specifically disclose Friday, but the title for the press event issuggestive of the offering many expect will be announced: “A Stream Come True.” The invitation promises introduction of “the most comprehensive home entertainment package ever.”

Key details likely to emerge are pricing for the new service and the kind of library that’s been assembled.

The timing is ideal for the emergence of an aspiring rival to Netflix, whose stock has been reeling over the past few days after the company announced its DVD business would be rebranded as Qwikster. Netflix closed down 10% on Tuesday after dropping 19% on Monday.

Press conference, set for 10 a.m. PT in San Francisco, will be broadcast live on Ustream. Dish CEO Joe Clayton and Blockbuster president Michael Kelly will be in attendance.