Apple released Tuesday Final Cut Pro X, a version of the venerable editing program that has been retooled from the ground up and boasts many new features, including the ability to organize metadata and the capacity to keep clips in synch with titles and sound effects even when their placement in a project is changed.

The program is built on a 64-bit architecture and is designed to utilize the full power of the Mac’s latest hardware and software, with the idea of producing an app in which there’s no lag time in editing, even when dealing with 4K video. The app is designed with what Apple calls a Magnetic Timeline, which provides a trackless means of editing that allows users to add and arrange clips wherever they want them, while other clips instantly slide out of the way.

Scott Ivers, an editor with Trailer Park, has worked with a beta version of the app and was impressed. “It’s extremely fast and responsive,” Ivers said. “You can load the footage in with this app and get working straight away or start previewing a project while you’re rendering so there’s almost never lag time, which is a huge relief when there are time constraints at work.”

Ivers also found the app’s Content Auto-Analysis, a feature which scans and tags your media based on shot type, media and people in the shot and allows you to add range-based keywords for customizable searching, very useful for many reasons.

“You have the ability to begin naming and organizing content right away so there’s no delay in getting to work,” said Ivers. “The design of this program really reflects what editors have to deal with today.”

Evan Schechtman, chief technology officer for Radical Media, also thinks the app reps a significant leap forward for the architecture of Final Cut Pro.

“It’s very sophisticated in the way it’s put together,” he said. “The ability to move your clips around while still having all that effects and titling information attached to them is part of what makes this app the best of what we’ve seen in this kind of editing software.”

Final Cut Pro X is available from the Mac App store for $299.99. There are also two additional apps that work in conjunction with this app. Motion 5 is designed to provide professional motion graphics. Compressor 4 provides advanced media encoding. Both are priced at $49.99.