Apple has taken an unlicensed iPad game out of its iTunes stores worldwide after the producers of upcoming Nazis-on-the-moon spoof, “Iron Sky,” complained about copyright infringement.

The creative team behind the Finnish-German-Australian dark sci-fi comedy complained to Apple after finding an iPad game based on their film.

“The game was published under the name of the film and used the back story, the tagline and even some space ship and actor likenesses taken from ‘Iron Sky’s’ marketing material,” spokesman Janos Honkonen said Friday. “The creator of the game, Ziiso, was not licensed to use any of these intellectual properties.”

Apple pulled the game two days after it was contacted by producers who proved they owned the copyright.

Timo Vuorensola, director of the $10 million, part fan-financed film, added, “We are happy with how quickly Apple reacted to our complaint, and that our fans won’t be tricked to sending money to this company anymore, thinking that their contribution will help us make this film.”

“Iron Sky,” he added, is doing “pioneering work in crowd funding and crowdsourcing” with more than 10% of the film’s budget coming from fans via investments, merchandise sales and fan service subscriptions.

The film is in post production and due for release in April.