Ankama greenlights ‘Mutafukaz’

Vidgame, publishing powerhouse enters feature production

French vidgame and publishing house Ankama is stepping into animated feature production with “Mutafukaz,” a 2D urban sci-fi spoof.

Budgeted between $11 million-$14 million, project is adapted from one of Ankama’s most popular comicbooks.

Set in a pre-apocalyptic American urban jungle called Dark Meat City, toon follows a 20-something who develops supernatural powers after a motorcycle accident.

“Mutafukaz” (working title) was one of the standouts at Lyon’s Cartoon Movie event, which wrapped Friday.

Toon is the feature debut for comicbook artist Guillaume Renard (aka Run). Renard started writing the “Mutafukaz” comics after directing a seven-minute short in 2002, which was selected at numerous fests, including Sundance.

Emmanuel Franck, who launched Ankama Animation a year ago to develop TV skeins and features, is producing. The project’s production is co-handled by Ankama France and Japanese anime shingle 4°C Studio. Created 10 years ago, Ankama is best known for online multiplayer games, notably “Dofus” and “Wakfu.” Franck said both will be adapted into animated features. Ankama has animation studios in France and Japan.