Angry Birds gets a sequel – and a film tie-in

Because there are so many app games on the market, we don’t write about them too often here at Technotainment, but we’re willing to make an exception for “Angry Birds.”

The sequel to the most popular game on the iPhone, iPad and pretty much any other mobile device it’s on has finally been unveiled. And this time, the birds are turning their wrath on… other birds. The game – called “Angry Birds: Rio” – is due out this spring and will have 45 initial levels. But to get you pumped up, creator Rovio and 20th Century Fox have put together one heck of a trailer (below).

It’s more than just a game, though. The new title is a tie-in with Fox’s upcoming film “Rio,” from the makers of “Ice Age”.  The app will show the original Angry Birds kidnapped and taken to the magical titular city of the film, where they eventually escape and attempt to save Blu and Jewel – the two stars of the flick.