Activision launching specialized Call of Duty programming Friday

The launch window has been a rocky one for Activision’s Call of Duty Elite, but even with a few bugs remaining, the publisher is ready to start ramping things up. MW3

This Friday, members of the subscription service will get the chance to see the first installment of Friday Night Fights, an original entertainment series that’s produced by Ridley Scott and Tony Scott’s RSA Films.

The show will let rivals settle their differences in multiplayer battles of “Modern Warfare 3,” with the first episode pitting teams from the U.S. Army vs. U.S. Navy.

“From the beginning, our goal with Call of Duty Elite has been to bring the Call of Duty community together in new ways,” says Eric Hirshberg, CEO, Activision Publishing.

“Fans of Call of Duty spend as much time playing the game, as sports fans spend following their favorite teams—if not more. So we figured, if sports fans get all kinds of shows outside of the games to feed their passion, why not do the same thing for Call of Duty fans?”

The show will premiere at noon and be available for replay via streaming.