3D may be hurting the Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS’ biggest selling point may be its biggest weakness. 3ds

A study unveiled earlier this week at the Variety-sponsored 3D Gaming Summit earlier this week finds that 28 percent of the system’s owners feel the use of 3D actually hurts gameplay.

In contrast, just 22 percent feel it helps games, while 13 percent of the owners opting to leave 3D effects turned off all the time. The main pitch point of the 3DS, of course, is the ability to play 3D games in stereoscopic 3D without the need for special glasses.

Users, the study found, simply aren’t satisfied with the effects, though awareness about the device is on the rise, passing 60 percent. Most who showed an interest in 3D gaming said they preferred a 3D gaming console, rather than a portable device.

The study, from research firm Interpret LLC, isn’t likely to be warmly received at Nintendo headquarters. The company, stung by weak early sales numbers for the system has already reduced its price by $70 and is counting on strong holiday sales to salvage its annual earnings.

Interpret conducted the study in mid-May, talking to over 1,600 adults.