Mitch Singer, Chief technology officer and exec VP of new media and technology, Sony Pictures Entertainment; president of Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem

Dealmakers Impact Report 2011: Executives

Aside from his duties at Sony, Singer has spent the past three years leading industry consortium Dece in developing standards for UltraViolet, a new service that allows consumers to register content they buy and watch and share on the digital platform of their choice. Singer, who’s been involved in the fight against piracy for years, says the org and UltraViolet had the difficult task of corralling a wide range of companies from the technology and creative industries to building something “that’s better than free.”

KEY DEAL: The UltraViolet deal involved more than 75 companies and included developing technical specs, licensing agreements and branding for the service among companies that often had competing interests. The final deal was far from easy to navigate. “In any cross-industry negotiations, the interests of the content provider to protect the content is not always in the interest of the other industries that want to sell devices that play content,” he says.

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