Minton co-founded DDM in 2005 to help represent vidgame development studios and to act as a strategic adviser for Hollywood licensors.

The company has clients in the U.S. and Europe and is in the midst of helping Red Stallion set up a development studio in Qatar.

Lately, Minton has been working with Hollywood directors who want to retain the videogame rights to their films, allowing them to continue to grow the properties in a new medium.

KEY DEALS: Structured collaboration between Ascension CrossMedia and the Hoeber brothers (“Whiteout,” “Red,” “Battleship”) on an original IP for game, comic and film.

Secured deal for Zombie Studios’ game “Blacklight” to appear on Perfect World distribution channel.

Worked with Verve talent and literary agency to secure David Elliot and Paul Lovett (writers of “G.I. Joe,” “Four Brothers”) to write for an upcoming game-based on a top transmedia IP.

SPARE TIME: Board games, his children

TOP CAUSE: Union of Concerned Scientists, local battered women’s shelters

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