Spain’s Fernando Cortizo (“O Apostolo”) of Artefacto Prods. will direct Filmed Imagination’s 3D stop-motion animation film “The Dream Prince” with shooting set to begin fall 2012.

The news was announced Wednesday by newly minted L.A.-based Filmed Imagination at Cannes. “O Apostolo” (The Apostle) was also filmed as a 3D stop-motion toon.

Daniel Dreifuss and Marius Haugan of Filmed Imagination are producing along with Isabel Rey of Artefacto.

“The Dream Prince” centers on a boy rescued by a traveling circus, whose members realize his destiny is greater and far more terrifying than anyone could ever have imagined.

Script’s written by Cortizo, based on a Norwegian book series by Ruben Eliassen.Filmed Imagination is also working on a U.S. remake of action film “Sniper” by Hong Kong-based Media Asia, the Brazil-set “A Taste of the Gods” and an adaptation of romantic backpacker novel “Thai Girl.”