Proving that Scandinavia’s popularity among film buyers worldwide is not restricted to crime thrillers, 3D tyke-oriented toon “Ronal the Barbarian” has sold to more than 15 countries for theatrical release in October.

The story of a young barbarian with low self-esteem who’s forced to take responsibility for his tribe’s survival when an evil lord attacks has sold to France (Seven Sept); Germany (MFA); Russia, CIS and Baltic states (Volga); Bulgaria (Pro Film); Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia (MCF); Turkey (Ozen Film); China (HGC Entertainment); Poland (Kino Swiat); and India (JRD Films).

Tine Klint, managing director of Copenhagen-based sales house LevelK, said, “The film follows Ronal, a real wuss — the polar opposite of all the muscular barbarians in his village.” The film, which is being produced in English and Danish, will be released locally by Nordisk Film Distribution on Sept. 22.

The cartoon is directed by Thorbjorn Christoffersen, Kresten Vestbjerg Andersen and Philip Einstein Lipski, who made “Terkel in Trouble” (2004) and sci-fi spoof “Journey to Saturn” (2008).

It’s the first film for Denmark’s Einstein Film — established in 2009 by the three directors and producer Trine Heidergaard — and it’s co-produced by commercial broadcaster TV 2/Danmark and supported by the Danish Film Institute.