Deutsche Telecom, parent of T-Mobile, took to the air for a package of 3D commercials called “A Thousand Little Things” directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. The producers used Pictorvision’s Eclipse 3D aerial system carrying a pair of Red One M-X cameras for the spots, which were shot in Los Angeles and Berlin.

“I’ve built other aerial 3D camera systems using other gyros but it has always been a compromise,” said d.p. Vern Nobles, who used the Eclipse for the first time on these spots. “None of them were capable of holding the 3D camera package as stable. We even had one shot to look backwards rotating 180 degrees when looking straight down, then tilting up to look forward, flying between buildings.”

He added: “Thanks to Tom Hallman and his team at Pictorvision, we had the perfect system to do everything from high-speed to time lapse and more for this high-profile commercial series.”

Anderson, who directed the “Resident Evil” features, is currently in post on “The Three Musketeers.” The spots will be shown in theaters and on TV in Europe.