The Hollywood Post Alliance will play host to a number of presentations in the “Post Pit” at NAB in Las Vegas on April 13.

  • Digital Vision will explore Academy Color Encoding Specifications (ACES) workflow and the impact of high-dynamic-range color pipelines through a series of case studies.

  • Thomas Tannenberger of Gradient Effects will demonstrate GLoW, his company’s 3D digital fingerprinting of sets and locations utilizing an adaptation of Lidar-sourced data. GLoW data can be used by previs, camera, vfx, post and transportation as a way to understand what to shoot, how to shoot, where to place production vehicles and even how to structure an edit by tapping into accurate location or on-set data.

  • Michael Cioni of Light Iron Digital will present LiVE PLAY, the company’s automated video playback system for the Apple iPad. The technology enables users on set to instantly recall any take rolled on multiple cameras and review them on up to 20 iPads at once.

  • Cine-tal will discuss the growing importance of maintaining data for video displays and projection systems. Question to be addressed: As display systems continue to break through the limitations of existing standards, how will content creators control the final look of their content, especially as consumers are viewing it on different types of displays?