‘Salt’s’ Russell racks up noms

Sound mixer is up for Oscar for 14th time

With his sound mixing nomination for “Salt,” Greg Russell has 14 for such diverse films as “Transformers,” “Apocalypto,” “Memoirs of a Geisha,” “Spider-Man,” and “Pearl Harbor.”

Still, he says “Salt” was challenging because “it’s like a seven-reel chase movie, and it has an enormous number of sound set-pieces that were really exciting and juicy to work on.” For director Philip Noyce, Russell says, “it was all about tempo and keeping an audience on the edge of their seats, while supporting Angelina Jolie’s character and all her emotions. We were very conscious of using the FX and music and even the rhythms of the dialog to propel the action.”

What was Russell’s favorite scene to work on? “Probably the church assassination sequence, where Salt finds herself in the basement and fires a triggered bomb which then collapses the entire floor of the church, and the Russian president falls through and she is there waiting to shoot him. It’s a big FX moment but there’s also a lot of crowds and pandemonium and chaos. But hopefully it’s still a very articulate sonic vision through the entire piece.”

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