Tech manufacturers often boast how their systems were used in the making of Oscar contenders and winners. In the case of Digital Vision, the company can claim it was used to grade three very different films that won Oscars last month: best foreign language winner from Denmark “In a Better World”; best animated feature and best song winner “Toy Story 3”; and best documentary “Inside Job.”

“World” happens to have been posted in Sweden, which is also home to Digital Vision’s headquarters. The film was shot in Denmark and Kenya on the Red One camera and was graded and finished by Filmek Teknik, which is owned by “World” producer Zentropa.

“The producers wanted clear colors with a Kodachrome look – an old Kodak color reversal film,” said colorist Peter Hjorth. Instead of using intermediate film stock, he did a stock emulation of a Kodak slow daylight film stock, which has been used in Hollywood for many years. Prints from that were then sent to cineSpace film color management software with a calibration strip script on the film.