A group called LulzSec is claiming credit for hacking the PBS website and posting a story that claimed that rappers Tupac and Biggie Smalls are alive. According to the group’s Twitter feed, the hacking was retribution for an episode of “Frontline” that they feel painted a negative picture of Wikileaks. “We hope our hacking gave Bradley Manning a smile. That man deserves something nice,” the org said on its Twitter feed. (Washington Post)

Olbermann’s Team: Keith Olbermann has named David Sarosi as executive producer of his new Current TV show, set to debut June 20. Variety’s Sam Thielman has more details on the show’s staffing here.

Comcast Venture: Comcast’s David Cohen and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel appeared at a press conference this morning to unveil “Internet Essentials,” a program to provide broadband to low-income families. The program also provides access to low-cost computer equipment. Comcast announced its intent to start such a program during the government review period for its acquisition of NBC Universal. FCC chairman Julius Genachowski has made widespread adoption of broadband a central part of his agenda.

Stream Scene: MPAA’s Michael O’Leary, Acting U.S. Copyright Register Maria Pallante and Copywirhgt Alliance executive director Sandra Aisars testify at a House Judiciary subcommittee hearing on Wednesday on illegal streaming. Congress is considering legislation to make streaming of pirated content a felony.