Nick Broomfield’s less-then-flattering Sarah Palin documentary, “Sarah Palin, You Betcha!” has landed Freestyle Releasing as a distributor, with a premiere set for Sept. 30 in New York and Los Angeles, per Variety. The documentary will world premiere at the Toronto Fil Festival on Sunday.

Diana Lodderhouse writes that the documentary “chronicles Broomfield’s quest to unveil the “real” Sarah Palin and follows the filmmaker as he travels to Alaska in mid-winter to speak to the school friends, family and Republican colleagues who knew the ex-hockey mom.”

J. Edgar for AFI: Clint Eastwood’s much awaited biopic of J. Edgar Hoover, “J.Edgar,” will world premiere at the opening night of the AFI Fest on Nov. 3. The pic will be released on Nov. 9.

Buddy Prank: George Clooney and Matt Damon have long been the source of Internet rumors that they are ready to make the plunge into politics. Now they are playing the rumors for pranks. (Politico).