Hollywood’s lobby is cheering the Senate Judiciary Committee passage of an anti-piracy bill aimed at shutting off support of so-called “rogue websites” that traffic in infringing content. The bill still has to go to the Senate floor and remains to be introduced in the House, but the encouraging sign was the unanimous support on the Judiciary Committee. Some public interest organizations, like the Center for Democracy and Technology, are aware that it’s an uphill battle to block the legislation given the bipartisan support, but they are hoping to limit its scope. My story here.

Apologies, Apologies: Ed Schultz apologized to Laura Ingraham for what he called “vile and inappropriate” remarks about her. “I am deeply sorry, and I apologize,” he said on his show on Wednesday. “It was wrong, uncalled for and I recognize the severity of what I said.” Ingraham today gave an initial response: “Ed Schultz: Apology accepted.”

Tonight: Chris Licht, recently named VP of programming at CBS News, appears at a book party in his honor at the Jefferson Hotel in Washington. Most recently executive producer of “Morning Joe,” Licht wrote a book called “What I Learned When I Almost Died: How a Maniac TV Producer Put Down His Blackberry and Started to Live His Life.” Many in Hollywood could learn from that; so could I. The event is hosted by Constance Milstein, Jon Meacham, Kevin Sheekey and Tammy Haddad, and will be live streamed at WHCInsider.com.