Ratings are in for NBC’s new newsmagazine “Rock Center,” the highly anticipated effort to reestablish itself in the format. Some 4.13 total viewers tuned in, behind “Castle” and “Hawaii 5-0.”

Brian Lowry wasn’t impressed by the debut. He writes, “Where “Rock Center” really seemed too chewy was its failure to reflect the day’s events. Mercifully, the program didn’t jump at the Kim Kardashian divorce, which I sort of feared going in. But wasn’t there a way to do something smart — and analytical — about the allegations of sexual harassment regarding GOP presidential contender Herman Cain, if only in his day-long handling of the situation and the anatomy of how not to deal with a crisis from a PR perspective?”

New Picks: President Obama nominated Ajit Varadaraj Pai and Jessica Rosenworcel to fill two vacancies on the FCC. It’s not expected that the nominees, if confirmed, will alter the 3-2 balance of Democrats to Republicans on the commission.

Reaching Out: Julian Bond, Monique and Cory Booker are among those who have done web videos as the Human Rights Campaign tries to boost support of same-sex marriage among African Americans.

Total Numbers: Sources say that last week’s Latino fundraiser for President Obama’s reelection campaign raised about $2 million, with Eva Longoria among the top individual fundraisers.

Creators Contribution: On Wednesday the Congressional International Anti-Piracy Caucus will unveil a report on the the impact of copyright industries on the U.S. economy. Expect it to be big.

And Speaking of Copyright: Rob Levine, former editor of Billboard, will speak at the Nov. 9 meeting of the L.A. Copyright Society about his new book, “Free Ride: How the Internet is Destroying the Culture Business and How the Culture Business Can Fight Back.”

In Town: Tim Kaine, former DNC chair seeking a seat in the Senate in Virginia, was among the many candidates in Los Angeles last week raising money for 2012. Among his events was one co-hosted by Charles Hirschorn and Ken Solomon.