I’m playing a little bit of catchup here before the Thanksgiving weekend, but a few items of note today:

Major media organizations are demanding a meeting with New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, protesting the arrest of journalists covering the crackdown on Occupy Wall Street last week.

Sam Thielman writes in Variety that the news orgs, including local NBC, ABC and CBS affiliates, say “that the OWS protests were the latest in a string of incidents in which NYPD officers demonstrated a lack of respect for media and their rights and citing communication with the department on the topic as far back as August, when the department asked for written reports of bad behavior.”

Thielman also writes that there has been a shift in the nature of coverage in recent days. “Stories leading the news include reports of a Seattle woman’s miscarriage following an alleged assault by a Seattle PD officer, an op-ed in the Times about the journalist beatings and detentions, and a post on Manhattan gossip/news blog Gawker trumpeting references to the NYPD by the embattled authoritarian regime in Egypt.”

Guffaws on Beck: Glenn Beck’s new online channel has launched a knock off of “The Daily Show” called “The B.S. of A.”

In Case You are Really Interested: More on the Bill O’Reilly feud with…Ellen Barkin.