Lars Von Trier, expelled from the Cannes Film Festival, apologized again today for making comments in which he said that he was a Nazi and expressed sympathy for Hitler. Von Trier, who has a history of making provocative remarks, sometimes in jest, was reacting to Iran’s objections to Cannes shutting him out of the festival. Iranian Deputy Culture Minister for Cinematic Affairs Javad Shamaqdari accused the festival of “fascist behavior” — not exactly the type of defender that Von Trier would want.

”In my opinion, freedom of speech, in all its shapes, is part of the basic human rights,” Von Trier said, per Variety. ”However, my comments during the festival’s press conference were unintelligent, ambiguous and needlessly hurtful.

“My intended point was that the potential for extreme cruelty, or the opposite, lies within every human being, whatever nationality, ethnicity, rank or religion. If we only explain historical disasters with the cruelty of individuals we destroy the possibility of understanding the human mechanisms, which in turn are necessary in order to avoid any future crimes against humanity.”

Say It Ain’t So: Chuck Norris expresses dismay that Mike Huckabee chose not to run. The action star, who campaigned with Huckabee in 2008, writes on Townhall.com, “I don’t know at this time which Republican candidate running for the presidential seat has the overall qualifications to successfully out-debate Obama, win the presidency and get our country back on the right track. I deeply respect his decision, but I was extremely disappointed when Mike Huckabee announced that he will not be making a presidential run in this election. When I was on the campaign trail with Mike, he was connecting with not only the Republican base but also many liberal-leaning people. Mike had a great mix of African-American and Hispanic followers at his rallies, as well.”

Alba on the Hill: Jessica Alba joined Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) on Capitol Hill today to urge Congress to pass the Safe Chemicals Act, which would increase the safety of everyday products and increase access to public safety and health information. “Like many moms out there, I try to buy safe products for my family, but that can’t be the only solution,” Alba said. “You can’t hire a team of scientists to do your shopping for you.” Alba, expecting her second child, said that she was inspired to take action after becoming a mother four years ago and doing research on children’s environmental health.

Super Injunctions: In Britain, libel tourism has given way to “super injunctions.” Those are the court orders that have enabled plaintiffs to block mainstream media from publishing information that is deemed as violating their rights to privacy. As you can imagine, there is quite an outcry among the press there. And social media has made the efforts to suppress details futile, as soccer star Ryan Giggs has learned.