The Satellite Sentinel Project, launched by George Clooney and other human rights activists, reveals burned villages and the buildup of Sudanese forces. The project was started to monitor human rights abuses as the southern part of Sudan voted on independence. (ABC News).

Poor Choice: Media consultants Richard Grenell and Brad Chase write on Huffington Post that Hollywood made a poor choice in selecting Chris Dodd as the new chairman of the MPAA. They warn that a Republican majority in the House and a good chance of a GOP-controlled Senate after 2012 will be tough for Dodd to overcome given his partisan stances. They write, “The Democratic Party has long embraced Hollywood — supporting legislative agendas, making major campaign contributions and tolerating its creativity when critics complain the entertainment industry is out-of-touch with America. And Hollywood’s outreach to conservatives has been almost non-existent. The one-sided strategy is a big risk and having Dodd lead it is even more dangerous. As revolutions in technology and international distribution continue to risk Hollywood’s current status quo, the last person the industry needs as its spokesman is banking specialist Dodd.” (Huffington Post).

“Sesame Street” Chopped: Senate Republicans, led by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) and Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), have intriduced a bill to defund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. (The Hill)

Mixner-gray-davis-2 Trump Will Stump: Donald Trump did a 15-minute interview with the Des Moines Register and denied that he wasn’t fit for retail politics. “I’ll shake hands with everybody,” he says. (WNYC

Mixner Feted: Bob Shrum and Marylouise Oates toasted David Mixner Thursday evening at their West Los Angeles apartment. Among those in attendance were Gray Davis and Ira Reiner. (LGBT POV).

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