A co-founder of a radical Islamic group has been charged with threats against the creators of “South Park.” Per CNN, Jesse Curtis Morton, also known as Younus Abdullah Mohammad, is the second person charged with threatening violent acts ever since Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s show ran an episode depicting the Prophet Mohammed in a bear suit. In February, Zachary Adam Chesser, 21, who admitted to posting online threats, was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Can’t Say ‘Gay’? Try ‘Takei’: This may be the most creative political video so far this year. It’s “Star Trek” star George Takei protesting a proposed Tennessee law that would ban teachers from discussing homosexuality in the classroom.

“I’m lending my name to the cause. Any time you need to say the word ‘gay’ you can simply say ‘Takei’. For example, you could safely proclaim you are in support of Takei marriage. If you’re in a more festive mood, you can march in a Takei pride parade. Even homophobic slurs don’t seem as hurtful if someone says, ‘That is so Takei!'”


Narrating Newt: Earlier this week, Newt Gingrich’s spokesman pushed back against the media onslaught over the former House Speakers rocky start to a presidential campaign, which included calling the GOP Medicare plan “right wing social engineering.” The statement the spokesman issued was unconventional, to say the least, and last night it was the subject of a dramatic reading by John Lithgow on “The Colbert Report.” It is one not to be missed.

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John Lithgow Performs Gingrich Press Release
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