A little late today, but here’s a few briefs of stories of note:

President Obama’s fund-raising swing through Los Angeles and other West Coast cities raised about $5 million in two days. Doing the math on how many showed up to his two Hollywood events, that works out to about $2 million. Eva Longoria, one of those who paid the $17,900 to get in to the dinner with Obama at Fig & Olive, told Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday that Obama “keeps getting beat up lately because there’s such an extremist movement, and for me, it’s very dangerous because its not the character of America.” She also gave him her endorsement as an advocate for Latino issues. Her interview is below.

Christie vs. MTV: Would it really be that bad of a thing for Chris Christie to get sued for nixing MTV’s tax credits for “Jersey Shore”? (THR Esq) Christie was raising money for the California Republican Party today at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

“Pariah” Screening: Director-writer Dee Rees and producer Nekisa Cooper hosted a screening of their movie “Pariah” on Sunday in Washington as part of the Out on the Hill Black LGBT Leadership Summit. The movie is the feature length version of Rees’ short “Pariah,” and Spike Lee is among its executive producers. The pic is about a 17-year-old African American woman as she embraces her identity as a lesbian.