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Keith Olbermann, the signature star of Current TV’s new newsier format, is pushing back against reports that he’s unhappy with his gig.

“I’ve just replied to @BrianStelter as follows: anybody who describes my disposition towards Current as ‘disgruntled’ is either uninformed, working from a personal agenda, wrong – or all of the above,” he tweeted today.

Stelter’s story noted that a Current TV schedule of Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary coverage noticeably did not feature Olbermann, but other channel hosts like Cenk Uygur and Jennifer Granholm, as well as the channel’s co-founder, Al Gore. They appeared several weeks ago on a special tied to aGOP debate, but Olbermann was not featured on that either.

Olbermann had suggested to Stelter that Current’s schedule may not be corrent, and the New York Times reporter later noted that it had been taken down from its website.

But the suggestion that Olbermann is “disgruntled” spread like wildfire through conservative media, which have had a field day in the past when Olbermann sparred with MSNBC management. When his move to Current was announced last winter, Olbermann suggested that it was a perfect match that would allow him much more freedom from corporate pressure. But his ratings have not come close to matching those at MSNBC, and Current has since hired CNN vet David Bohrman to steer the channel.

If anything, the story has provided something that Current needs: Promotion. Even with the addition of Olbermann, many cable viewers don’t even know it’s there in the upper tiers of most channel lineups.