Tim Pawlenty’s announcement video is what you would expect of a relative unknown seeking the Republican nomination: Biographical details, pictures of Ronald Reagan, patriotic images and vows to “take the government back.” What is different is that it is much more cinematic than we saw from 2008 contenders, like Hillary Clinton, who merely stared at the camera and said she was “in it to win it.” Announcing the formation of an exploratory committee on Facebook this morning, Pawlenty appears to realize that a simple declaration just isn’t going to cut it.

Update: The man behind the video is Lucas Baiano, who already has drawn attention for other projects he’s done for Pawlenty and other Republicans, some of which resemble action movie trailers. The Huffington Post’s Jon Ward wrote last week that Baiano is a rarity in GOP circles, who generally lag behind Democrats in visual style. Baiano, who is just 23, aspires to make feature films.