From David Cohen/Simi Valley

Plenty of wind and hot air at the Reagan Presidential Library  — and that was before the debate even started.

Demonstrators sweltered outside the gates as the announced presidential candidates (well, most of them) gathered for the MSNBC/Politico Republican Presidential  debate.

On the left side of the driveway were a genial knot of Ron Paul supporters, carrying banners for their candidate. Across the blacktop from them were an unhappier bunch carrying anti-GOP placards like “Save Medicare” and “Fox News: The More You Watch The Less You Know.”

At the entrance to the Library were about a dozen photogs ready to shoot “arrivals.” Nothing as big as a Hollywood Awards Show, but then there are fewer fan mags buying photos of pols.

Inside a well-scrubbed crowd gathered beneath the fuselage of Reagan’s Air Force One. The aud was rather older and much whiter than a typical Los Angeles gathering, and they seemed unfazed despite the heat and long lines.