Anne Hathaway, Martin Sheen, Ellen and Portia DeGeneres and David Geffen are among the famous figures who’ve signed on to a letter from Freedom to Marry urging President Obama to go one step further and support same-sex nuptials.

The Obama administration has announced that it would no longer defend a key part of the Defense of Marriage Act in court, but he has said that his position on same-sex marriage is “evolving.”

The letter, released today, states, “Like so many Americans, you have spoken of your personal journey toward support for the freedom to marry. You have talked about the gay and lesbian people in your life, their commitment to each other and care for their kids, and their families that aren’t so different from any other family.

“We ask you now for your leadership on ending the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage, an exclusion that harms millions of Americans each day. Whether to end discrimination in marriage is a question America has faced before, and faces again today. With so many Americans talking it through in heartfelt conversations, it is a question that calls for clarity from the President.”