President Obama’s address on Libya — which you can view here — was scheduled at 7:30 ET to accomodate the networks, including ABC’s scheduled showing of “Dancing with the Stars.”

Meanwhile, Andrew Sullivan finds a celebrity parallel to Obama’s Libyan policy, writing that with use of force for a humanitarian emergency but without congressional authorization, the presidency “becomes Angelina Jolie with an air force.”

He writes, “The Libya case is an interesting one because of the need for dispatch, as events on the ground made a Congressional debate moot. But to my mind, that kind of emergency decision is precisely the moment when deliberation is necessary. Deciding war in a rush and in secret is normally not a good idea. And Obama did not have to act urgently to save American lives or vital interests. He had to act urgently for purely humanitarian reasons.

“And so we now have an executive branch claiming powers far, far beyond what the Founders or any prudent constitution would allow.”