Giving his highly promoted speech on immigration reform today, President Obama invoked the name of a man usually a political foe: Rupert Murdoch.

He cited Murdoch’s support of immigration reform, which the chairman of News Corp. announced last year in an appearance on Fox News along with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He followed it with a PSA for a business group advocating a streamlined process.

In his speech in El Paso, Obama cited the support that reform has from the business community, and said, “I mean, one CEO had this to say about reform:  “American ingenuity is a product of the openness and diversity of this society.  Immigrants have made America great as the world leader in business, in 293413011 science, higher education and innovation.”  You know who that leader was?  Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox News, and is an immigrant himself.  I don’t know if you’re familiar with Rupert Murdoch’s views, but let’s just say he doesn’t have an Obama sticker on his car. But he agrees with me on this.”

The White House has been promoting the speech for the past several days, even utilizing celebrities to call attention to the issue. Among them is Eva Longoria, who appears in this White House video.