Hollywood is stepping up its lobbying push for a bill that would target foreign websites trafficking in pirated material. The MPAA this week officially launched a new blog called Issues, Innovation and Creativity — which will address not just the legislation but other issues — and a new site has been set up by the Copyright Alliance to mobilize the creative community, Artists Against Digital Theft.

Today, 42 state attorneys general sent a letter to Senate and House judiciary committee leaders urging them to support legislation targeting so-called rogue websites. The text of the letter can be found here.

Expressing skepticism about the new law is the Consumer Electronics Assn. One of its chief concerns is that copyright holders — like studios and record labels — would be allowed to take action in the courts to shut down sites in certain circumstances, not just Justice Department officials. “”Given the rich history of innovative technologies being targetd by content industry lawsuits, we are concerned that this provision will result in harmful litigation against legitimate entrepreneurs,” said Michael Petricone, senior VP of government affairs for CEA.