“If the people in the debate don’t satisfy him, he is going to jump in himself,” Jon Stewart marvelled on his show last night. He rounded up the circus atmosphere so far, as Trump takes on debate critics Karl Rove, George Will and Jon Huntsman, as well as NBC News’ Chuck Todd.


In Variety today, Brian Lowry casts the candidates in reality shows.

He writes, “However unseemly this might appear — especially to political veterans — most of these candidates aren’t really campaigning to lead the free world. They’re auditioning for a range of media options that have exploded since Bill Clinton played the saxophone on Arsenio Hall’s show.

“Plus, the spectacle of Donald Trump flirting with a presidential run before choosing to continue with his NBC show, “The Apprentice” — but only after insisting he could win the nomination had he sought it — has further blurred the lines. Throw in plans for Trump to moderate an upcoming debate, and the GOP primaries have officially moved into “The Onion must be writing this” phase.”